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SIMAO Eiectric    In May 2000 set up in Kunshan, China, is a company specializing in the production of high-, Low-voltage switchgear and automation systems control cabinet business, the company has a product development from design, manufacturing production to the installation of mechanical and electrical products, systems and programming (or ) debugging capabilities, to provide users with "one-stop" services to address the user's power to apply, design programs and provide advice and assistance.

SIMAO Eiectric   Has been achieved ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, high-voltage switchgear sets of test reports and CQC certificate, high-voltage switchgear equipment identification certificate, Low-voltage switchgear 3C Certificate, Low-voltage switchgear products, such as a certificate.

SIMAO Eiectric  The main products are: KYN28A-12, XGN2-12 in the counter purchase; XGN15-12, HXGN-12 ring counter; CBW-1 box change; MNS, GCK, GCS drawer cabinet; GGD, SML (SMCC) Switchgear; SMG driving force for me; SMX sub-boxes; PZ30 Terminal box; XJM metering box; large-scale system control cabinet (box); water, wastewater, waste gas treatment system such as control cabinet. Products are mainly used in: power plants, substations, factories, residential quarters and high-rise buildings and other places.

SIMAO Eiectric   Would like to power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, pharmaceutical, rubber, fire fighting, environmental protection, equipment manufacturers and other industries in the distribution system go hand in hand with you to create success.

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